Sayisi Dene First Nation ONGOING PROJECTS

The Trust established a number of initial projects that could be implemented immediately.


This is the largest initial project and it subsidizes key food groups at the Northern Store in Tadoule Lake. Trustees are now working on plans to bring traditional foods and harvesting into this program.


In July of 2016 the Trust supported a Frontier College literacy camp in Tadoule Lake. It was attended by 37 children and 23 parents and community members also participated in the camp. Campers spent an average of 35 minutes reading each day, which is twice the amount needed to prevent summer learning loss.

The Trust also supported the Peter Yassie School providing funding for the purchase of traditional harvesting equipment as well as craft supplies and Halloween and Christmas supplies.


Trustees are engaging with members to determine the most effective ways for the Trust to support post secondary education and training for our members. This engagement process will form the basis for the design of this program.


The Trust will be providing the financial support for the building of up to six cabins for use by community members. This project will also provide employment for a total of four individuals.


The planning process has begun for the design and construction of a recreational and community facility in Tadoule Lake. This is a long term project that will be financed by the Trust over the long term.


Funding has been set aside to memorialize the Churchill experience. Trustees will be reaching out to members for ideas on what form this memorialisation should take.

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