Sayisi Dene First Nation, formally known as Churchill Indian Band established Tadoule Lake, Manitoba in 1973. We were relocated from our homelands in 1956 to Churchill, Manitoba. During the years in Churchill our identity was stripped spiritually, emotionally, physically and death due to alcohol. On August 14, 2016, we accepted the Relocation Compensation Settlement from Canada in the amount of $33.6 million for healing opportunities, the land at Little Duck Lake and an apology. We completed a detailed Comprehensive Community Plan, now we have the opportunity to start planning and assist the youth and their children for a healthy, prosperous community for the future generations.


First Nation Trustee

Stephanie Zamora

Sayisi Dene First Nation Relocation Settlement Trust

Stephanie Zamora was appointed as an off-reserve Trustee in May 2020. She currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband and children.

Stephanie is currently working in the Social Service field as the Director of Human Resource.  For 13 years, she has held various positions within large, multi-disciplined, unionized workplaces, such as a Director of Human Resources and Organization Development and Vice President of Human Resources and Indigenous Initiatives.  She has been a leader in the development of various Human Resource strategic initiatives, program development, projects and partnerships to increase diversity and equity.

Stephanie is a Dene/Dakota woman who holds the certificate of professional membership as a chartered member of the Canadian Professionals of Human Resources of Manitoba.  Dedicated to continuous learning she is currently completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Manitoba in Labour Relations.  She holds a Human Resource Management Certificate from the University of Manitoba as well as a Health Services Management and Leadership Certificate from Red River College

Stephanie is a board member for Canadian Aboriginal Human Resource Management Association Council, a Council Member on the Indigenous Relations Council for the United Way of Winnipeg and a previous Board Member for Mount Carmel Clinic.  Stephanie has been an active member of the Indigenous community for over 25 years volunteering at various Indigenous community organizations.

Independent Trustee

Leann Frederickson

Sayisi Dene First Nation Relocation Settlement Trust

Leann has been a Financial Trustee for Rainy River First Nations Land Claim Settlement since September 2005 and is now the Financial Trustee Chair since December 2010.

She has been employed with the Province of Manitoba for over twenty (20) years as a Human Resource Manager.  As part of her day to day, she has travelled to various communities in Manitoba such as God’s River and Shamattawa.  Her travels to The Pas, Thompson, Dauphin allows her to experience other Indigenous communities and gain valuable insight.

As the Financial Trustee Chair, she provides guidance with what a Trust may need.  Her knowledge and skills developed while working with her own Trust, Rainy River, will be very beneficial as the Independent Trustee for Sayisi Dene First Nation Relocation Settlement Trust (SDFN Trust).  She also brings the experience of attending and managing annual general meetings where she provides reports on Investments and monies spent throughout the year while fostering engaging conversations with members.

Leann brings her experience as part of the Trust policy group, where they developed policies in accordance with Trusts.  She works to meet her obligation to act in utmost good faith with a view to the best Interest of the Trust while adhering to act in strict accordance with the Trust Agreement terms and avoid conflict of Interest.

Her training with NATOA does not stop as she continues to stay current by attending and networking at the conferences and seminars.  Bringing that knowledge not only benefits her community but will most certainly do the same for SDFN Trust.

Leann is hard working, dependable, has strong analytical, decision making and communication skills and has been an excellent addition to SDFN Trust team.

First Nation Trustee


Sayisi Dene First Nation Relocation Settlement Trust


First Nation Trustee


Sayisi Dene First Nation Relocation Settlement Trust



The Sayisi Dene Trust Agreement is a document created by the people themselves to enhance the livelihood intended to be a long – term asset for the use and benefit of the beneficiary. The complete Comprehensive Community Plan will guide the member’s roll out the priorities for the future generations to come.

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